When the market crashed in 2008 I was approaching my 30th year as a New York State Trooper. I found myself with difficult decisions. I had two very smart and driven teenagers that were in middle school and the mortgage for our home was now much higher than the market value. We made the decision to sell our home and move our family to Georgia where our children could take advantage of the Hope Scholarship. My wife and kids rented a home in Georgia while I continued my career as a New York State Trooper. For 5 years I would travel from New York to Georgia once a month for 10 days to be with my wife and kids. Upon retirement we set out on the journey to locate permanent housing in Georgia. I had always had accounts with Federal Credit Unions and so we prayed and God led us to Peach State to seek funding for a new home. The representatives and the process at Peach State went so smoothly. We were so pleased with every step; every transaction. We cannot tell you what the moment felt like when the representatives from Peach State informed us that we had been approved for the loan. After years of trying to find “home” we knew that Peach State was going to make that happen for us. Now we have more than we ever dreamed of and all that we could have ever hoped for. Thank you Peach State!


If you’re like Craig and need help finding a home, visit www.peachstatefcu.org to learn about our different mortgage options today!

I was in desperate need of a car and had been turned down by several different lenders...

A few years back I was having a hard time financially and had many odds stacked against me. I was in desperate need of a vehicle and had been turned down by several lenders. I was at my wits end when I walked into the credit union and asked to speak to the loan officer. His name was Chris. I shared with him my circumstances and pretty much told him all I had to offer at the moment was my word that I would repay a car loan in full and on time. Chris not only helped me locate a vehicle but he instilled hope in me. He made a loan happen for me so I could get reliable transportation. I have never forgotten what he did. Since then I have bought one other car through the credit union and refinanced the last one I just purchased with the credit union. Each time my experience has been phenomenal. I just recently refinanced all of our family vehicles with the credit union with help from Michelle and Daniel.

In 2012 I also called and asked for an unsecured loan to help assist with renovations to a barn that were needed for my daughters school project. At the time my debt to income was high because I had been piece milling jobs together. The outlook for such a loan was bleak. Again Chris assisted me with that loan so that my daughter’s dreams could be realized. The process was flawless and without agony as most loans are. That loan has allowed our family to pass the fortune to other young people as we host many students and their SAE projects in our barn. Because of that loan the Credit Union is helping more and more young people become productive citizens. I am thankful to the fine folks at Peach State.



I began banking with Peach State FCU (formerly Gwinnett Federal) at 15 years old and I’m now 31. I’ve reached many milestones in my life and Peach State has always been there. I started my first job at 15, the same year I began saving with Peach State. I enrolled in a savings account at the recommendation of my mother to save money for college. By going with Peach State, I was able to put my money in an interest-bearing account with no fees! By my senior year of High School, I’d saved enough to put myself through two years at the University of North Georgia. Upon graduation from college I decided to buy my first NEW car. I did my research, shopped for the best auto rate, and the lowest rate was from Peach State! I was extremely pleased with the service and convenience and I will be using Peach State for my next vehicle purchase… this time a 4-door for my wife and new baby. I will absolutely be going with Peach State. They’ve earned my loyalty and they’ve been there throughout my journey!

Alexander and his family


Visit www.peachstatefcu.org to discover the many ways Peach State can help you with your journey!

Peach State reestablished my faith in financial institutions...

I had been having discrepensies with other financial institutions. I decided to try a credit union. Peach State is less than 1 mile from my job. It started out as convenience, but they have helped me rebuild my credit, approved me for a loan, and catered to virtually all of my needs. My personal banker Ms. Mary at the Beech Island location has been everything for me as far as customer service. I would not trade my Credit Union for anything in the world. Thank you Peach State Federal Credit Union, you’ve reestablished my faith in the financial institution.

Jerry and his car

– Jerry

We were able to close and move into our dream home...

I would like to give a big shout out to the best banker in the world – Danijela in the Suwanee branch! She’s been great over the years and incredibly amazing over the last couple months. She’s made our home buying process go smoothly by ensuring we had all of our banking documents in order. Thanks to her, we were able to close and move into our dream home. We don’t know what we would’ve done without her. We can’t thank Danijela enough! Thanks again to you, Jonathan and all of the Suwanee PSFCU staff! You guys Rock!

Fran's Dream Home

– Fran

My name is Keren Padilla and I am a teacher at Parkview High School. Two years ago, my husband and I made the decision that I would pursue a Master’s degree. Making this decision included not only figuring out where to go but also how to pay for it without going into debt. I wanted to better my skills and I also wanted to have the opportunity to teach at different levels. After searching for different programs, the opportunity of a lifetime opened itself up in Spain! I was accepted into a Master’s program at the University of Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain. Being a Spanish teacher, this would be a most extraordinary and unique opportunity. USAL is well known for its Spanish degrees and it is the University where famous Spanish writers like Unamuno and others actually taught. I applied twice for the Advance Career Scholarship with Peach State. The second time, I was a recipient of one of the $2,000 scholarships given to teachers who are pursuing higher degrees. We were over the moon thrilled. This allowed me to pay for my school and room and board for 2017. I finished my two summers abroad, I sent in my thesis and on October 18, 2017, I received a grade of “outstanding” for my thesis. I finished and now have a Master’s degree in Spanish Language and Culture. Peach State played an integral part in helping us acquire this dream, debt free! Thank you!

Keren and her family in Spain


What do you do when the home you have wanted for 20 years comes up for sale and you get turned down...

What do you do when the home you have wanted for 20 years comes up for sale and you get turned down and dragged around by other lenders? You turn to Marshall Boutwell and Peach State Federal Credit Union. He, along with Teresa, became our saviors and helped us purchase the home of our dreams. PSFCU looked at the reality of our situation, not made up Wall Street rules. In lending, one size does not fit all and PSFCU recognizes this. After rescuing us from the third bad lender; they handled everything professionally, quickly, and looked out for our best interests. When was the last time a lender did that? Our closing went so smoothly and we were so happy to join this outstanding group. Now I only refer other buyers to PSFCU and no other lender because every buyer should be treated with respect and care and that is what PSFCU does every day. Thank you!!!

A few years ago my husband & I were in the process of getting a personal loan through Peach State Federal Credit Union...

A few years ago my husband & I were in the process of getting a personal loan through Peach State Federal Credit Union for some vehicle repairs. We had just purchased a new vehicle a few months prior with what we thought was a good interest rate. During the process of getting the personal loan, the loan officer asked if he could offer to get us a lower interest rate on our auto loan. Of course, I told him yes…thinking the whole time he wouldn’t be able to beat it. He called me back a while later & told me the good news. PSFCU had not only lowered our auto loan interest rate but had already processed our personal loan. The loan process was so easy, where we did everything online or via the phone. The staff was courteous, professional & most of all helpful. PSFCU has our business from now on for any type of loan we may need in the future!
– Belynda

A coworker once told me that Peach State Federal Credit Union could change my life. At first, I did not understand what he meant by that, until a year later after opening up an account. What he said was definitely true and I made sure to tell him “thank you” for giving me great advice. Being a single mother with two kids and no car can be stressful. I applied for a vehicle with Peach State FCU and I was approved for the Fresh Start Program due to my credit score. At last there was hope. I was so relieved that I would have a dependable car and the process was by far the best and easiest ever.

But wait, that’s not it. Every year I apply for a holiday loan to help with the year-end spending, which allow my holiday season to be enjoyable rather than stressful.

Let me not forget that the customer service I receive is always great with quick responses, as I typically contact them via email for convenience.

Thank you, Peach State for always being there and making life easier.



If you’re like Washeka and need help financing a car or some extra money around the holidays, then visit www.peachstatefcu.org to learn about our Fresh Start Auto Loan Program or our convenient Personal Loans today!

I needed a car but was facing some challenges...

I needed a car but was facing some challenges. I had been on a cash basis for so many years, it was almost like I didn’t exist. I didn’t think anybody would even talk to me. Then I found Peach State. They really surprised me. They walked me through the steps I needed to take to feel legitimate again. First I attended a financial education seminar and then I opened a checking account to help me establish credit. Then I got a Fresh Start loan so I could get the car that I so desperately needed. It changed everything for me. I don’t know where I would be today without Peach State. Read Lisa’s story and watch her video here.


My experience with Wes was the most incredible banking experience I have ever had…I am 60+ years old and have had many relationships with financial institutions. He was very professional and customer service-oriented, something that is very hard to find in this business. He was extremely compassionate and caring. It was a very easy process and I really appreciate that!


After being denied from countless banks and credit institutions for a simple checking and savings account...

After being denied from countless banks and credit institutions for a simple checking and savings account, I happened to stumble upon PSFCU, who immediately began the process of starting me with a for real, fresh start. Life without a debit card is challenging, and for someone who had lost all hope in obtaining this everyday necessity, PSFCU helped me to take control of my life. So thank you!
– Avery

Peach State helped me keep our family business from closing...

Peach State helped me keep our family business from closing. Just a small signature loan and our business could afford to purchase enough inventory to help us jump start our cash flow. We are now going strong and it is all because of PSFCU.
– Pamela

When I first moved to Georgia in 1977, upon recommendation of a fellow teacher, I immediately joined Gwinnett Federal Credit Union...

When I first moved to Georgia in 1977, upon recommendation of a fellow teacher, I immediately joined Gwinnett Federal Credit Union. Over the past 40 years I have enjoyed the friendliness and helpfulness of all the PSFCU staff. I have a checking and a share account and have had many car loans, etc. over the years and have NEVER once had a poor experience. Even though I moved and now live near Chattanooga, I will never leave PSFCU. You are the BEST!!!
– Darlene

Tera and PSFCU have truly become an extended family to us. I have been a member for a very long time and had no idea what an important role PSFCU would play in our lives. On July 6, 2005 I married an amazing man – Wes. Just one year prior he had been diagnosed with MS. We went forward not knowing what the future would hold. We began with my simple checking and VISA account, getting to know Tera and the branch as we built our new home in Jefferson. The market was booming in 2006, so we took advantage and received a home equity loan to purchase all the things a couple would need to fill and maintain their newly built home.

As the MS progressed Wes became legally disabled. We opened an account in his name to receive his federal disability and keep things organized. The MS continued to ravage his body and before we knew it he was wheelchair bound and in need of an accessible van. Tera was always there to guide us with each knew hurdle not knowing what was around the bend. As time passed, difficult questions had to be asked…important paperwork needed to be signed. In Tera’s office, with the most professional and caring demeanor, she helped us notarize Wes’ Advance Directives and DNR paperwork in the event of the unthinkable. The end was getting closer and in Wes’s final year, at the age of 48, it was necessary to move him into a nearby nursing home. Tera was once again at our service helping me arrange for a custodial account in order to keep track of the disability payments being sent to the nursing home. Upon Wes’s passing, Tera extended her empathy and assisted me in setting up an account for our 8 year old son, so that he may receive his own survivor benefits from Wes. Although all of this was obviously very difficult, I don’t know what I would have done…trying to accomplish all of this in the face of some big uncaring bank where you are nothing more than a number. Tera knew us by name.

PSFCU was our financial comfort in a time of great stress. I will always be grateful for the services they have provided us, but more so for the heart they provided them to us with. Forever your client, your family…

If you’re like Juanita and you need to make some home improvements or you’re considering purchasing a home, visit www.peachstatefcu.org for more information about our mortgages or Home Equity Loans. Read Juanita’s story and watch her video here.


Really do not know where to begin. I have been a member for about 30 years or more...

Really do not know where to begin. I have been a member for about 30 years or more. In 1997, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Without the help of Peach State my family would have been devastated. Through my personal loans, car loans and mortgage Peach State enabled us to survive with our 3 children. I later suffered from leukemia and bladder cancer, and every time Peach State provided my family with support and understanding. I know they treat their members by looking at each individual in a unique and caring way, providing professional help and advice. When life hands you lemons, Peach State is there to provide a glimmer of sunshine.
– Joe

My journey began in late February 2016 when I decided to sell my paid for motorcycle as I wanted something nicer and was strapped for cash. After selling my bike I was discussing with a friend and he informed me to look into Peach State Federal Credit Union as he uses them and recommended I just give them a chance. I took his advice and found the motorcycle I wanted which was way outside my price range but I figured I would just meet with the bank employee to explore all my options.

I tried to get an approval with a local bank giving them over 75% cash of the total of the sale and financing 25% but they did not want to lend the money. I remember my friend’s recommendation and went completely out of the way to meet with Shamima at the Five Oaks location. Shamima was extremely helpful and clearly explored all the options available for my situation and caught my interest with one of the programs she introduced me to. I did want to move forward in the secured motorcycle which gave me an EXTREMELY LOW APR versus the 24% from another lender. I was pretty sure I would not get approved for the motorcycle loan due to my credit score but later the day I applied Shamima called me to inform me that I was approved and they were ready to close.

I was so surprised to have been approved and they took care of everything as I told my credit union what I wanted and she took care of everything else to get this approved. After a closing of less than 15 minutes I had the money agreed to and was able to purchase the motorcycle of my dreams. I look forward to the first of the month so I can drive to this location and make my payments. I have noticed that after several months of on-time payments my credit score has improved significantly. I feel if I didn’t meet with any of the service team from PSFCU I would not have the motorcycle of my dreams. I cannot express how quick, easy, and professional this process was from start to finish. I can’t wait to get this paid off and purchase something else so I can finance my needs through PSFCU. I appreciate all the hard work you have done to get this loan approved.


I would like to thank two Peach State team members for going above and beyond the call of duty to assist me during difficult times...

I would like to thank two Peach State team members for going above and beyond the call of duty to assist me during difficult times. I met Chris when I opened my account in 2012. My credit was upside down due to past issues that were out of my control. Chris encouraged me to remain positive and to work out a plan to get my finances back on track. He took a huge chance and approved my first Unsecured Signature Loan, which I repaid according to the terms of the loan. I applied for 2 more loans which he approved and I repaid. Eventually he approved me for a vehicle loan through the Fresh Start Program and I have remained faithful with my payments, skipping only ONE payment in a 3 ½ year period, due to missing time from work because of my husband’s illness and hospitalization. Thank you Chris for believing in me and for your generosity!!! Kelly overwhelmed me by going well ABOVE and far BEYOND what I expected from a financial institution. Once again I faced a period of financial hardship caused by missing time from work due to the illness of my son. The financial pressure was mounting and I had no clue what to do. I had decided to return my vehicle because I didn’t know if I could continue to make the payments so I called Peach State to let them know. I spoke with Kelly who informed me that I had other options and she assisted me in a plan to help me get back on track. I thanked her, we hung up the phone and I thought that was the end of it. Hours later I received an email from Kelly only to find out that, without my asking, she took a step further and went the extra mile to speak with her supervisor and got the approval to present an option to me far greater than the previous offer!!!!! Needless to say, I was truly overwhelmed and grateful. It felt as if a great burden had been lifted from my shoulders! I never expected that kind of service from my bank. Of course I want to thank God FIRST and I also want to thank Chris and Kelly for all they have done!!! Grateful member since 2012! I would highly recommend Peach State to my family and friends!
– Debra

I suggest you take a bite from this PEACH!
I’ve been a member of the credit union since it was South DeKalb Church FCU. I have not had one regret! My desire to continue with any bank is because of the customer service that I receive and Peach State Federal Credit Union has delivered. I’ve applied for loans and even on small loans the employees, Leslie and Jennifer, have been professional and thorough in explaining everything. There’s nothing wrong with the drive thru for those who choose to go through. However, I look forward to going inside because the customer service and employees are great! I am a community volunteer and I must thank Peach State management for their heart to help the community too. They donate items for the Breast Cancer Foundation and even donate calendars for me to give to the people who donate blood through the American Red Cross for which I am a blood drive organizer. The donors love them and American Red Cross appreciates them. Peach State FCU is true to its name in the State of Georgia. They are smooth, beautiful and sweet to the members and the community. If you need a great place to handle your funds, loans and investments, I suggest you take a bite from this PEACH!! You won’t be sorry!!!


I have been a member of Peach State Federal Credit Union for many years...

I have been a member of Peach State Federal Credit Union for many years. This past year I lost my father and Peach State helped me with the closure of his affairs. While settling his affairs the checks from different places continued to come in for the payments to be made. With simple processes already put in place by the credit union this helped me to expedite his affairs. I recommended this credit union to my father because of the quality of service I have always gotten. Even after his passing you all continue to give excellent member service and truly care about the members; because of this I will continue to recommend you to others. Thank you in advance and have a great day.
– Shannon

I have been a member for quite some time because the service is unparalleled...

I have been a member for quite some time because the service is unparalleled. Everyone in the branches take pride in knowing their members and are always happy to help. But one experience still means a great deal to me.

In 2010 a family member was going through a very tough time and was experiencing severe health challenges stemming from a broken back. He was unable to work and in severe pain anytime he moved.
Due to being unable to work they did not have insurance coverage. Their previous bank accounts elsewhere were closed due to not having much money.

But the staff at Peach State saw him as a person who needed help in a time of great despair. Because of their compassion we were able to open up a bank account in his name and began a fundraiser.
The fundraiser was a great success and we raised nearly $10,000 for his surgery. He was able to return to work and rebuild his life.

Peach State Federal Credit Union helped a family who had almost nothing to offer in their time of need. They took the first step to help a family, and that desire to help a family in their time of need is why I will remain a member for life.
– Mike

Peach State FCU has been so good to me and my family. I came to Peach State for help in purchasing my first car...

Peach State FCU has been so good to me and my family. I came to Peach State for help in purchasing my first car. I have never bought a car by myself and was scared to death of the process and frankly didn’t know if I could even afford one. The team at Peach State made the process so easy and put me at ease when making such a big decision. We set up the loan and worked out the monthly car payments, insurance and so forth. It was the best possible experience I could have hoped for.

Later that year I came back to Peach State FCU for help with my student loans. I sat down with a counselor to discuss my options. My student loans were quickly spinning out of control and I needed to lower my interest rate from my current student loans account (not at Peach State), and make the payments manageable and save for my future at the same time. They took the time to go through all the options available to me at the time. Together we created a plan to move towards the future of being debt free, and I am almost there!

Six months ago, I sold my first car that I purchased with the help of Peach State and upgraded a bit due to their help in setting up a savings goal years ago. This process was just as wonderful as the last. A team member sat down with me and we worked out how much I could spend, what my monthly payments would be and within a few days I had found and purchased my new car. I have been so happy with my experience at Peach State.

My entire family are account holders at Peach State FCU now. My dad, mom and sister have all used the help of Peach State FCU in the purchase of vehicles. They have helped my sister and I plan for our future and make smart decisions as we are moving out of debt due to student loans and stepping into the next sector of our lives. I am sure Peach State will event help me in purchasing a home in the future. Their customer service and kindness are something you will not soon forget, by the end of your interaction you feel like family. I will be a member for life!
– Maggie

All loans are subject to approval. Rates may vary depending on each individual’s credit history and underwriting factors.