Peach State was able to help Juanita and her family “through thick and thin” with a variety of products including a Home Equity Loan.

“Through thick and thin”

Tera and PSFCU have truly become an extended family to us. I have been a member for a very long time and had no idea what an important role PSFCU would play in our lives. On July 6, 2005 I married an amazing man – Wes. Just one year prior he had been diagnosed with MS. We went forward not knowing what the future would hold. We began with my simple checking and VISA account, getting to know Tera and the branch as we built our new home in Jefferson. The market was booming in 2006, so we took advantage and received a home equity loan to purchase all the things a couple would need to fill and maintain their newly built home.

As the MS progressed Wes became legally disabled. We opened an account in his name to receive his federal disability and keep things organized. The MS continued to ravage his body and before we knew it he was wheelchair bound and in need of an accessible van. Tera was always there to guide us with each knew hurdle not knowing what was around the bend. As time passed, difficult questions had to be asked…important paperwork needed to be signed. In Tera’s office, with the most professional and caring demeanor, she helped us notarize Wes’ Advance Directives and DNR paperwork in the event of the unthinkable. The end was getting closer and in Wes’s final year, at the age of 48, it was necessary to move him into a nearby nursing home. Tera was once again at our service helping me arrange for a custodial account in order to keep track of the disability payments being sent to the nursing home. Upon Wes’s passing, Tera extended her empathy and assisted me in setting up an account for our 8 year old son, so that he may receive his own survivor benefits from Wes. Although all of this was obviously very difficult, I don’t know what I would have done…trying to accomplish all of this in the face of some big uncaring bank where you are nothing more than a number. Tera knew us by name.

PSFCU was our financial comfort in a time of great stress. I will always be grateful for the services they have provided us, but more so for the heart they provided them to us with. Forever your client, your family…

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