Chris’s story begins with a broken down truck. He relied on that truck to support his business and family and when it came time to replace it, Peach State was there to help!

I am a self-employed professional chainsaw sculptor, wholly dependent on my truck to operate my business. In the month of July, my wife and I bought a new home and welcomed a new baby within 5 days of each other! In August, our truck blew up! Because we had just obtained credit for the home, the banks would not approve us for an auto loan. Out of sheer desperation, we walked into a credit union we were not yet a member of, told them what was going on and we were respected, listened to, and helped. Peach State FCU approved us for a loan with a 1/3 the APR the banks offered and for up to $36,000 more. Because of them, our business and our family are able to continue on this wonderful journey.

If the next chapter in your story starts with an auto loan, we have rates as low as 2.75% APR¹. Need to refinance your current loan? Peach State can help AND make it convenient!

If you have a Peach State checking account, you can set up payments through payroll deduction and get a 0.5% APR¹ discount on your loan.

If you’ve had trouble qualifying for an auto loan in the past or need to rebuild your credit, ask for details about our Fresh Start Auto Loan Program.

Call our Loans By Phone Call Center at 770.580.6000 or apply online at

1 APR – Annual Percentage Rate. The lowest rate available is 2.75%. Subject to credit approval and recommended rates may vary based on individual creditworthiness. Rates subject to change without notice and may be higher based on term and/or qualifications. Must qualify for Peach State membership. Members must qualify for a Peach State loan and checking account. Peach State will finance up to 120% of the NADA vehicle valuation. Excludes Fresh Start Auto Program. A $30 loan application fee is charged for processing. When the loan is issued, the fee will be refunded back to your account. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.